SAT 4 December 2021
12.30pm - 2.30pm
access Wheelchair accessible venue

THIS EXHIBITION Contains audio content, captions available


The inaugural Hyphenated Biennial at The Substation presents ten new commissions by First Nations and Asian diasporic artists, bringing together a collective project that held us through the turbulent years of 2020 and 2021.

This exhibition centres around the artists’ explorations of personal histories, while examining the sites they inhabit, materials they inherit and the systems they exist within. At a time of huge loss, we have been confronted with questions of our existence, (artistic) agency, and our responsibilities to those around us—the threads that connect us all. Between the personal and collective across space and time, the projects respond to each other through knowledge learnt, embodied and shared. Together they create a dialogue that foregrounds their relativity to each other as artists, cohabiting in the same site but each with their own perspectives. An exhibition set out to strengthen our communities, we hope this project informs the greater narratives of our time with care and solidarity. Here, we sow a seed for our possible collective futures.

Presented by The Substation and Hyphenated Projects

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