Jazz Money is an award-winning poet, filmmaker and digital producer of Wiradjuri heritage, currently based on the beautiful sovereign lands of the Darug and Gundungurra nations. Her poetry has been published and spoken widely across so-called ‘Australia,’ and reimagined as murals, installation and video art. Jazz is the 2020 winner of the David Unaipon Award. Her first collection of poetry will be published by UQP in 2021.

    watch wiradjuri ai by JAZZ MONEY & joel spring ︎︎︎

jazz’s project

a river town:
with a rich heritage

        The guide book tells you the best places to see koalas, enjoy waterslides, and that the Wiradjuri Wars ended in 1841 when the Narrungdera people "were wiped out in a single massacre by squatters." What a postcard: feels good to be home!’

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