Hyphenated Biennial:
The threads we hold together

26 November — 19 December 2021



Footscray community arts
Roslyn Smorgon Gallery

45 Moreland St, Footscray VIC 3011︎︎︎
Wheelchair accessible VENUE

THIS EXHIBITION Contains audio content, captions available



How do we hold conversations alongside each other, in our varying histories and perspectives?

Hyphenated Biennial: The threads we hold together is a collective record of how Hyphenated Biennial has come to be, presented as a gathering. A gathering where there is space to contemplate, a gathering where the outcome is in its process and transformation—a gathering that we wish we had.

Artists and curators from the biennial have been invited to share their responses to the theme through documentation, reflections and conversations. In acknowledging the time we did not spend together due to the pandemic, here we share our processes throughout the past 18 months.

We hope this series of records will provoke a collective future that is grounded in openness and our ability to dialogue, collaborate, and support each other.

Artists include Jenna Lee and Mackenzie Lee, Elyas Alavi, Moorina BoniniJacinta Keefe, Jazz Money and Joel Spring, Jacob Boehme, Nithya Nagarajan and Kalanjay Dhir, Nikki Lam and Hannah Morphy-Walsh, Jennifer Ma and David Leupolu.

Audio-visual content and transcripts of this exhibition can be accessed here︎︎︎

Jenna Lee and Mackenzie Lee︎︎︎
Elyas Alavi︎︎︎ 
Moorina Bonini︎︎︎ 
Jazz Money and Joel Spring︎︎︎ 
Jacob Boehme, Nithya Nagarajan and Kalanjay Dhir︎︎︎ 
Nikki Lam and Hannah Morphy-Walsh︎︎︎
Jennifer Ma and David Leupolu︎︎︎

Presented by Footscray Community Arts and Hyphenated Projects

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