Jacinta Keefe 


Ellen YG Son


        Jacinta Keefe is a proud Wiradjuri woman living and working in Naarm. Through her love of photography Jacinta explores her cultural heritage through both digital and analogue photography. Through the manual process of photography she is interested in decolonising her connection to her family in rural town Condobolin, NSW through the image making process. 




Having lived in Korea, Singapore and Australia, Ellen Yeong Gyeong Son is interested in exploring transcultural identities, memories, and cultural limitations. She utilises cellophane, act of scratching and drawing to metaphorically inscribe, layer and erase diverse cultural memories and experiences that one may possess.


THE project

Untitled Home

a collaboration between
jacinta keefe & ellen YG son

IMAGE 1—LEFT: Jacinta Keefe, VIDEO STILL FROM Untitled Home - Nail Dying using flowers in my Garden from Ellen Yeong Gyeong Son’s Instructions, 2021

RIGHT: Ellen Yeong Gyeong Son, VIDEO STILL FROM Untitled Home - Weaving with Jacinta Keefe’s hand-dyed raffia, 2021

IMAGE 2 -4 : installation view, image credit Janelle Low

      Untitled Home is a collaborative project by Keefe and Son in sharing the colonised histories of our homes and discussing their meanings and experiences of living in their current home, Australia. Through oral and photographic evidence of family history, artists retrace the history of their homes (Condobolin - NSW, and Busan) before and after the colonisation. Keefe, as a Wiradjuri woman, and Son, as an immigrant, hope to interweave their memories and stories of their current ‘home’ in Australia.

     Jacinta Keefe & Ellen YG Son’s project can be seen at The Substation︎︎︎

Image credit: Janelle Low

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