Jennifer Ma
David Leupolu


        Jennifer Ma is a Taiwanese-Australian dancer and choreographer. Her practice lies at the intersection of contemporary and street dance, with an interest in the embodiment of multiplicity within diasporic narratives. Jennifer’s cross-genre dance works have been seen at Melbourne Fringe, Dancehouse and Bunjil Place, alongside multiple short dance films with her collaborators.

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Image: Shuttermain
Image: Shuttermain

        David Leupolu is an Indian-Samoan freestyle artist who has explored multiple street dance genres including Popping, Hip Hop freestyle, House, and Krump. David has been battling and judging at various street dance battles in Australia and internationally. David’s most recent venture into contemporary dance has seen him in development with Chunky Move and multiple creative projects with Jennifer Ma and Collaborators.

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Image: Shuttermain

The project


a collaboration between
Jennifer Ma & David Leupolu


        Accumulating is a series of site-specific performances and films by Jennifer Ma and David Leupolu that features a textural dance for two. Through ongoing encounters, the duo re-contextualise their identities in response to each other, through a dialogue of negotiations, collisions and resonance.

Jennifer and David will develop a site-specific response to Sunshine Art Space for Hyphenated Biennial 2021–2022︎︎︎

Listen to the soundtrack here:

INSTALLATION VIEW, Image credit: Janelle Low

Accumulating: a reflection

Video credits:
Lockdown dance footage: Jennifer Ma, David Leupolu and Jonathan Sinatra

First rendition of Accumulating:
Choreography, Direction, Performance: Jennifer Ma & David Leupolu
Production, Direction, Cinematography & Editing: Jacob Edmonds
Sound Composition: ML Hall
Costume Stylist: Nak Assa
Commissioned by Bunjil Place

David and Jennifer interview each other about their upcoming work Accumulating at Sunshine Art Spaces, how dance as an artform has supported them through lockdown and how their creative process has shifted towards a more organic approach with their evolving practices.

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