Jenna Lee is a mixed race Larrakia, Wardaman and Karajarri woman whose contemporary art practice explores the acts of identity/identification, label/labelling and the relationships formed between language, label and object. Being a Queer, Mixed Race, European, Asian (Japanese, Chinese and Filipino), Aboriginal Woman, Lee’s practice is strongly influenced by her overlapping identities, childhood memory as well as maternal teachings of subject, material and process. Recent work explores the transformation of the printed word through the ritualistic acts of destruction and reconstruction, seeking to translate the page into a new tangible language.
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jenna’s project


      /ill-lustrous/ is a new body of work which researches, explores and highlights shared First Nations and Asian histories connected by slavery, black-birding and underpay in the European Australian pearling industry. Inspired by the duality of a seemingly mundane object like the pearl shell button, causing such monumental and intergenerational transformation to the cultural fabric of Australia. The resulting body of work will celebrate the unique melding of cultures within Asian Aboriginal families drawing on personal and family narratives, childhood memories of a transcultural upbringing and new research.

        Jenna is participating in Contemporary art and activism in Asia-Pacific︎︎︎ and presenting a photo-poetry essay︎︎︎ as part of the Digital Program

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