Elyas Alavi’s practice is interdisciplinary bridging elements from poetry to visual arts, from archive to everyday events with the intention to address issues around displacement, trauma, memory and sexual identity. 

        He reflects upon his background as a displaced Hazara (a marginalized ethnic group originally from Afghanistan), and use his particular experiences and contemplations as an epistemological model for the dislocation of people and collective memories. 

        Alavi graduated from a Master of Visual Arts at the University of South Australia in 2016, and has exhibited at Mohsen Gallery (Tehran), Robert Kananaj (Toronto), IFA (Kabul),  Firstdraft (Sydney), as well as Ace Open, Felt Space, Nexus Arts (all Adelaide).


elyas’ project

Not just a shadow 

      Looking to my own experiences as a former refugee, and that of the displaced ethnic community, I aspire to focus on similarities between the situation of First Nations and Afghan Hazaras in and outside Australia. Furthermore, I intend to deepen my knowledge of a long relationship between the First Nations people and Afghan cameleers. They were brought to outback Australia as cheap labour through inter-colonial networks originating in British India 160 years ago. I intend to incorporate the result of such research into a series of painting and video installations.

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