Talia Smith is an artist and curator from Aotearoa and now based in Sydney, Australia. She is of Samoan, Cook Island and New Zealand European heritage. Her artistic and curatorial practice explores notions of familial histories, the diasporic lived experience, ruin and the land through photography and moving image. She has presented solo exhibitions at Wellington Street Projects, Verge Gallery and Bus Projects. She has written for publications such as 4A Papers, VAULT Magazine and Art Almanac and is currently finishing her Masters of Fine Arts at UNSW.


talia’s project

in between

      The term, vā, is a Sāmoan term that can be loosely translated to describe a space in between, or a liminal space where past, present and future coexist to facilitate both personal and collective wellbeing. Smith's research and practice uses their own personal lived experience to investigate this space and to position that those from the pacific diaspora can use the vā to reflect on their identities outside of western constructs.

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