Beth Thornber is a First Nations artist of the Wiradjuri people based in the Border/North East Victoria region. Her practice employs a visual alphabet of animal, plant and human motifs to question themes of impact: historical, environmental and human impact.

        Thornber’s practice considers the existing colonial structures cemented in everyday life and applies this lens to reimagine ideas of sacredness, boundaries, common ownership and shared responsibility. 


Bethany’s project


IMAGES: INSTALLATION VIEW, Image credit: Janelle Low

      the english garden is a collision of yam daisies and red roses; mallee ringneck parrots and mission homes, set within the vast lands and waterways on Wiradjuri Country. Beginning as simple phone drawings of plants, animals, and people from a trip to ‘Lake’ with the artist’s Nan and Aunty, Beth Thornber’s paintings depict Country’s resistance against colonial extraction. Despite our best efforts, this Country remains lastingly beautiful.

        Beth’s project can be seen at The Substation as part of Hyphenated Biennial. ︎︎︎
        Her phone drawings notes from lake cudgallagong can be seen at The Substation Billboard. ︎︎︎

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