Bethany Thornber is a First Nations artist of the Wiradjuri people based in the Border/North East Victoria region. Her practice employs a visual alphabet of animal, plant and human motifs to question themes of impact: historical, environmental and human impact.

        Thornber’s practice considers the existing colonial structures cemented in everyday life and applies this lens to reimagine ideas of sacredness, boundaries, common ownership and shared responsibility. In her practice Thornber demonstrates an interest in material experimentation, such as the melding of “one use” plastic materials with perpetual material such as dirt and rock.


Bethany’s project


      The project will explore the capabilities of Australian flora and fauna to communicate stories of colonial impact and consequence, both historically and today. Site-specific studies of current ecosystems as well as a wider geographical lens will examine contemporary animal and plant life. The aim is that this research will create critical self-reflection, as well as potential community discussion around perception and reality concerning colonial history and cultural impact. These studies will inform my practice as I develop a visual alphabet of animal and plant motifs through mixed media painting and sculptural works.

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