Sab D'Souza is an artist and researcher living and working on Gadigal-Wangal land. Their work documents the emergent social media practices of marginalised users and the materiality of their (web)site-specific intimacies. Borrowing the language and semiotics of queer and diasporic digital cultures, they consider how users negotiate and challenge normative infrastructures of the internet.

        D'Souza presents and situates these ideas within the platforms they respond to, which typically involves costuming, text, face filters, Instagram stories, subtweets and google docs. D'Souza's practice is lived through the act of feeling(s) - online.

        @sab.dsouza ︎︎︎

sab’s project

“no worries
if not !!” 

        no worries if not !! is a choose-your-own-adventure, unfolding through audiences mobile phones. It explores how discomfort, guilt and shame drive and inhibit intimate dialogue through the clunky nuances of text. Repurposing the chatbot features of SMS Broadcasting, this project presents the difficult feelings that erupt during our everyday digital encounters. no worries if not !! invites audiences to consider how we build and perform generative and sustainable actions of care, solidarity and trust, even at a distance.

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