guerra/SELF: Bea Rubio-Gabriel

SteMs: Sharmayne Grace McLean

11 DECEMBER 2021




Sat 11 December 2021
1pm – Bea Rubio-Gabriel (durational)
This performance is a durational work and will be accessible via live-stream.

1.30pm – Sharmayne Grace McLean
Incinerator gallery is an accessible venue


Documentation video of Bea Rubio-Gabriel’s performance︎︎︎

Join us for a day of performances by Hyphenated Biennial artists Sharmayne Grace McLean and Bea Rubio-Gabriel activating our Incinerator Gallery site on Saturday, 11 December 2021 from 1pm.

Presented through her exhibition Garden of Glass, Sharmayne Grace McLean’s performance SteMs re-imagines the gallery space as a hothouse for flowers, incorporating amplified sounds, distorted voice, fleshy prosthetics, video broadcast, and other performer’s bodies as sculpture to explore alien, magical, futuristic and “exotic” landscapes.

In conversation with McLean’s work is Bea Rubio-Gabriel’s performance guerra/SELF, an envisionment of how mark-making and writing can function as a space that allows increasingly politicised self to simply ‘be’. Drawing on pre-colonial Baybayin and Ipugao ways of thinking around healing and community, their work sets out to externalise an attempt to understand the dislocated self through language. 

Presented by Hyphenated Projects & Incinerator Gallery.

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